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Sole purpose of this supernatural oracle is to answer Yes/No questions.

Unlike other 8-Balls, our interface connects you to real, one and only supernatural 8-Ball located in our secret vault. It is moody sometimes, but general prediction success ratio (GPSR) reaches up to 82.6% as proven by numerous secret and dangerous experiments.

And, unlike with other 8-Balls, you can interface ours through supernatural 8-Ball Windows Vista gadget or iGoogle widget!

Furthermore, we provide ability to track what you have asked for through time (you need to sign up to access this functionality). Also, various language versions of this supernatural interface are (always) in progress. In case you would like to help us with translation into any language that isn't currently supported, please contact us via form bellow.

Please note, that authors of this mystical interface are in no way liable for any decisions based on the advice of it. One should consult this oracle if and only if one really wants to know (and is able to handle) the answer.

Any ideas, comments, charges?

Please contact us via form bellow or by email:

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